Garden of Resilience

(2023) by ITZATNA

‘Garden of Resilience’ (2023) by ITZATNA is a poetic visual experience designed to provide meditation, affirmation, and invigoration for artists, activists, and workers, to help them cope with both stressful project deadlines, and the (often inevitable) burnout phase afterward. Since the 2020 pandemic, the ITZATNA collective – led by Alfredo Hau – have slowly been transforming our back garden in Birmingham (UK) into an oasis of calm, away from the stresses and strains of work and the city. Through filming and archiving Alfredo’s cultivations in the garden, we have been having intergenerational conversations about care, land, belonging, and ancestral healing. We hope that you too, may unwind and regenerate with us, in the quiet peace of our ‘huerto urbano’, reimagined through this tender video.
This video can be experienced as a 20-minute, indoor meditation exercise. We recommend watching the video on a large screen e.g. HD TV or a laptop. We recommend listening to the audio using headphones for the full binaural experience. You can listen to the audio alone (without the video) as a poetic guided meditation sitting outside in your own garden, balcony, local park, or accessible green space. ITZATNA Artists: Alfredo Hau – Artist, Writer, Performer, Gardner Sebas Hau – Producer, Writer, Videographer, Audio Engineer Moisés Méndez Lara – Video Editor & Post Production Musicians: Auri Forda – Cello S.A. Karl – Piano & Birdsong Moon Meditation Music – Electronic Ambience & Drones ITZATNA would like to thank our ancestors for their words of wisdom we have inherited: Luis Valdez, Voltaire, Emiliano Zapata, Andrés de Olmos, Subcomandante Marcos, and our Yucatec Mayan elders.

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