Play Because You Can

A Visual Novel by Rumbidzai Savanhu

Embark on a mesmerizing monochromatic expedition into the depths of human creativity and imagination with Zimbabwean artist [Your Name]’s evocative silent comic, titled “Play Because You Can.” This project serves as an enchanting ode to the power of play, the boundless potential of the mind, and the profound liberation found in embracing artistic expression. Through black and white visuals, this silent narrative captures the essence of a young girl’s transformative journey into her own imaginative universe.
“Play Because You Can” is a silent symphony of images that illuminates the transformative journey of self-discovery through the lens of a young protagonist. Within the pages of this comic, we delve into themes of exploration, self-acceptance, and the intrinsic beauty of unbridled creativity. The narrative unfolds through intricate panels that invite readers to immerse themselves in a world where the lines between reality and imagination blur in a mesmerizing dance.

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