If It Moves, Follow It

A Poetic Animation by Sarah Al-Sarraj

Step into a realm of introspection and mindfulness with Sarah Al-Sarraj’s mesmerizing project, “If It Moves, Follow It.” This meditative poetic video invites viewers to embark on a contemplative journey, guided by the ebb and flow of imagery and words. Through the marriage of visuals and poetry, this project encourages individuals to embrace the present moment, find solace in movement, and explore the subtle whispers of life’s transitions.
“If It Moves, Follow It” encapsulates the philosophy that life is an ever-unfolding narrative, and every shift, no matter how small, carries profound significance. The project’s essence lies in its ability to draw attention to the art of noticing—of observing the world with a sense of wonder and presence. Themes of impermanence, curiosity, and the serenity found in the act of following life’s rhythmic currents permeate every frame.

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