I’m sorry, I forgive you

A meditation on self forgiveness please

Forgiveness can be a beautiful thing. For those of us who create art in whatever form, self forgiveness is a necessary practice. As our work is an extension of ourselves, it can feel particularly hurtful when things don’t go the way we’d hoped. More than understanding the pain or finding reason for it, true forgiveness is transformative. Through the acceptance and reconciliation of our feelings, true forgiveness creates space. Helping us anchor into the present and allowing us to come to a place of neutrality.
Delve into the profound depths of self-discovery and healing with Lou Robbin’s contemplative project, “Forgiveness Can Be a Beautiful Thing.” As a creator, whether through visual arts or any other medium, this project serves as a compassionate guide on the journey towards self-forgiveness—a transformative practice that not only mends the wounds inflicted by creative challenges but also cultivates a nurturing space for growth and renewal.

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